Zebra ZT421 RFID Printer

ZT421 Industrial RFID Printer

The Zebra ZT421 Industrial RFID Printer is a popular and versatile printing solution designed for tough environments. This printer, part of the ZT400 Series, features advanced technology, including a large color touch display and various connectivity options like USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth 4.1. It offers both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing methods, with a metal frame construction for durability. The ZT421 has two variations: one with a 203 dpi print resolution and another with 300 dpi, catering to different printing needs. It has a maximum print width of 6.6 inches and a maximum print speed of 12 inches per second. The printer is equipped with Zebra's Print DNA software powered by Link-OS, ensuring seamless integration and operation. Additionally, the ZT421 supports RFID encoding, enhancing tracking capabilities and enterprise insights. Accessories and parts are available for this printer, such as printheads, Ethernet print servers, and RFID upgrade kits, to optimize its functionality.

Key Features of Zebra ZT421:

The Zebra ZT421 is known for its reliability, ease of use, and high-quality printing capabilities, making it well-suited for industrial applications that require precision and efficiency

Zebra ZT421 Industrial Barcode Printer

Model: ZT421 Resolution: 203 DPI (8 Dots / mm) Print speed: 12ips Interface: Serial, 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth & USB Dual media sensors: Transmissive and Reflective

Original price was: 225,000.00৳ .Current price is: 208,000.00৳ .

Benefits of ZT421 Printer in Manufacturing Company:

The Zebra ZT421 Barcode Printer is an important and versatile printing solution for manufacturing companies due to the following key features:

High-Speed and Reliable Printing: The ZT421 can print at speeds up to 12 inches per second, ensuring efficient and productive operations in a manufacturing environment.

Durable Construction: The printer's metal frame and bi-fold media cover provide a robust and durable design to withstand the demands of industrial settings.

Flexible Printing Capabilities: The ZT421 supports both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing methods, allowing manufacturers to choose the appropriate printing technology for their needs.

High Print Resolution Options: Available in 203 dpi or 300 dpi print resolution models, the ZT421 can produce high-quality barcodes, labels, and other printed materials required in manufacturing.

Intuitive User Interface: The large 4.3-inch color touch display makes it easy for operators to monitor printer status and quickly adjust settings as needed.

Connectivity and Integration: The printer's versatile connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth, along with Zebra's Print DNA software, enable seamless integration with manufacturing systems and workflows.

RFID Encoding Capabilities: The ZT421 supports RFID encoding, which can enhance the tracking and visibility of products and assets throughout the manufacturing process.

Overall, the Zebra ZT421 Barcode Printer is a robust and feature-rich solution that can improve efficiency, productivity, and traceability in manufacturing operations

Specific RFID applications that the Zebra zt421 printer is suitable for in manufacturing:

The Zebra ZT421 RFID Printer is well-suited for the following RFID applications in manufacturing:

Asset Tracking: The ZT421 supports RFID encoding, which can enhance the tracking and visibility of tools, equipment, and returnable containers throughout the manufacturing process.

Inventory Management: The RFID capabilities of the ZT421 can improve inventory tracking and control, enabling manufacturers to better monitor the movement and status of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods.

Supply Chain Traceability: The ZT421's RFID encoding function can help manufacturers improve supply chain traceability by enabling the tracking of parts, components, and products as they move through the manufacturing and distribution stages.

Work-in-Progress Monitoring: The RFID features of the ZT421 can be leveraged to track the status and location of work-in-progress items, enhancing production visibility and efficiency.

Pallet and Container Tracking: The ZT421 can be used to print and encode RFID labels for pallets, containers, and other reusable packaging, improving logistics and asset management.

Overall, the Zebra ZT421 RFID Printer is well-suited for a variety of RFID-based applications in the manufacturing environment, including asset tracking, inventory management, supply chain traceability, work-in-progress monitoring, and pallet/container tracking

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