Zebra ZC300 ID Card Printer

No matter what type of card you need to print — from identity and access to membership, event and credit/debit cards — the ZC300 Series card printers will help you do it better, faster and easier

Easily Print Practically Any Card You Can Imagine

The ZC300 is loaded with advanced card production features. Print what you want, when you want, from just about anywhere—single- or dual-sided, with edge-to-edge coverage in black and white or color. Specialty ribbons¹ offer card design flexibility with special effects, and enhanced card functionality and durability. The long life ribbon adds a highly durable protective layer for cards that will last for three to five years, along with the ability to embed a watermark that can only be seen when the card is tilted at an angle or under UV light, improving security. Make logos, text or account numbers stand out with 3D style effects that can be created with the metallic color ribbon. Further improve security with a pearlescent ribbon that allows you to embed color-shifting graphics that are hard to counterfeit.

HITI CS-200e Card Printer

Hiti CS200e plastic ID card printer has dye sublimation direct-to-card print technology, edge-to-edge printing, 300 dpi print resolution, 64MB memory, full-color printing speed up to 180 cards/hour, black printing speed up to 1400 cards/hour, 100 cards input capacity, 50 cards output capacity, 4.9kg weight.

Easily Print Practically Any Card You Can Imagine

The HITI CS200e Single-Sided ID Card Printer is a reliable and high-quality printer designed specifically for printing professional ID cards. It uses dye-sublimation technology to produce vibrant and sharp images on cards. The printer is capable of printing on both sides of the card simultaneously, which makes the printing process faster and more efficient.The printer has a printing speed of up to 180 cards per hour and can handle cards of various sizes, ranging from 86mm x 54mm to 100mm x 148mm. It comes with a user-friendly software interface that allows for easy design and printing of cards, including the ability to add text, images, and other design elements.One of the standout features of the HiTi CS200e ID Card Printer is its advanced security features, such as magnetic stripe encoding, IC chip encoding, and UV printing. These features help prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized duplication of ID cards.The printer is designed with reliability and ease of use in mind, making it a great option for organizations that need to print professional-looking ID cards on a regular basis. The HiTi CS200e ID Card Printer is a cost-effective and efficient choice for businesses, schools, and government agencies that require high-quality ID cards.

hiti ID Card Printer

Best ID Card Printer With Cheap Price in Bangladesh

When exploring the realm of ID card printers in Bangladesh, understanding the pricing landscape is crucial. Retail Technologies Limited, as the authorized partner of Zebra and Hiti, provides competitive and transparent pricing for ID card printers, ensuring businesses have access to quality solutions at affordable rates.

Types of ID Card Printers

ID card printers come in various types, each catering to specific needs. Retail Technologies Limited offers a diverse range, including:

>> Direct-to-Card (DTC) Printers:

These printers are ideal for high-quality image printing directly onto the surface of the card. They are suitable for various applications, including employee IDs and access cards.

>> Retransfer Printers:

Known for their exceptional print quality, retransfer printers are capable of edge-to-edge printing, making them suitable for applications requiring intricate details and vibrant colors.

>> All-in-One Printers:

These versatile printers combine features like printing, encoding, and laminating in a single device, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses with multifaceted card printing requirements.

Important Factors to be Considered Before Buying an ID Card Printer

Before investing in an ID card printer, it's essential to consider the following factors:

>>Printing Volume: Evaluate the expected volume of card production to choose a printer that can meet your organization's specific needs.

>> Printing Quality: Different printers offer varying levels of print quality. Consider the resolution and color capabilities to ensure the printed cards meet your standards.

>> Card Security Features: If your application demands enhanced security, look for printers that support features like holographic overlays, UV printing, and magnetic stripe encoding.

>> Connectivity and Integration: Ensure the chosen printer integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, and consider connectivity options like USB, Ethernet, or wireless capabilities.

In conclusion, Retail Technologies Limited emerges as a leading choice for businesses seeking reliable barcode label printers in Bangladesh, backed by its commitment to quality, expertise, and competitive pricing.

Why Choose Retail Technologies Limited

Retail Technologies Limited emerges as the preferred choice for ID card printers in Bangladesh for the following reasons:

>> Authorized Partnership with Zebra and Hiti: As an authorized partner of Zebra and Hiti, Retail Technologies Limited ensures that customers receive genuine products with the latest technology, backed by manufacturer warranties.

>> Expert Guidance: The knowledgeable team at Retail Technologies Limited provides expert guidance to help customers choose the most suitable ID card printer based on their unique requirements.

>> Comprehensive Product Range: With a diverse range of ID card printers from reputable brands, Retail Technologies Limited offers options for various applications and industries.

>> Quality Assurance: Retail Technologies Limited is committed to delivering ID card printers that meet high-quality standards, ensuring durability and reliability in every print job.

>> Competitive Pricing: With a focus on affordability, Retail Technologies Limited provides competitive pricing, making advanced ID card printing technology accessible to businesses of all sizes.

In conclusion, when considering an ID card printer purchase in Bangladesh, Retail Technologies Limited stands out as the authorized partner offering a comprehensive range of quality printers, expert guidance, and competitive pricing.