Retail Technologies Limited – A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Total Barcode Solution

Retail Technologies Limited

Welcome to Retail Technologies Limited, your premier destination for comprehensive barcode solutions. As a distinguished industry leader, Retail Technologies Limited takes pride in its role as both a leading manufacturer and supplier of total barcode solutions. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we bring together an extensive range of cutting-edge technologies and products to address the diverse needs of businesses across Bangladesh. Whether you are seeking state-of-the-art barcode printers and scanners, precision-engineered labels and ribbons, or industry-specific solutions for pharmaceutical and consumer labeling, Retail Technologies Limited is your trusted partner. Our authorized partnerships with renowned brands such as Zebra, TSC, Todaytec, Siegwerk, SATO, RICOH, Inkanto, Hiti, and FlintGroup underscore our dedication to delivering authentic and high-performance solutions. Join us on a journey of efficiency, accuracy, and excellence in barcode technology with Retail Technologies Limited – your gateway to total barcode solutions.

Fostering Partnerships for Shared Success

Our Authorized partner

Discover the power of collaboration with RETAIL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED as us authorized partner. Join forces with us to access a world of tailored solutions, industry expertise, and a commitment to excellence, fostering a partnership that ensures success and growth for both parties

Best Barcode Printer and Scanner Collection in Bangladesh

Retail Technologies Limited, as a distinguished authorized partner of industry-leading brands such as Zebra, TSC, Todaytec, SATO, and more, offers an extensive collection of top-notch barcode printers and scanners in Bangladesh. The diverse range caters to various industries, ensuring businesses have access to cutting-edge technology for efficient and accurate data capture.


High-Quality Barcode Label and Ribbon Manufacturer with Cheap Price

As a comprehensive provider of total barcode solutions, Retail Technologies Limited extends its expertise to barcode label and ribbon manufacturing. The company ensures the production of high-quality labels and ribbons, essential components for achieving optimal performance in barcode printing processes.

Pharmaceutical and Consumer Label Manufacturer

Retail Technologies Limited specializes in the production of pharmaceutical and consumer labels, adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements. The company's commitment to quality and precision makes it a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable labeling solutions in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors.


Sequential Label Manufacturer

For applications requiring sequential numbering, Retail Technologies Limited excels as a sequential label manufacturer. The company's capabilities in producing sequential labels contribute to efficient inventory management, asset tracking, and other processes that demand serialized identification.

Why Choose Retail Technologies Limited

When selecting a partner for your total barcode solution needs, Retail Technologies Limited stands out for several compelling reasons:

>> Authorized Partnerships with Leading Brands

As an authorized partner of Zebra, TSC, Todaytec, Siegwerk, SATO, RICOH, Inkanto, Hiti, FlintGroup, Retail Technologies Limited ensures that customers receive genuine and high-quality products with the latest technological advancements.

>> Comprehensive Product Range

The company offers a comprehensive range of barcode solutions, including printers, scanners, labels, ribbons, and more. This diversity allows businesses to find tailored solutions that align with their specific requirements and industry standards.

>> Industry-Specific Expertise

With a focus on pharmaceutical and consumer labelling, sequential labelling, and total barcode solutions, Retail Technologies Limited brings industry-specific expertise to meet the unique challenges and demands of different sectors.

>> Commitment to Quality

Retail Technologies Limited is committed to delivering products and solutions of the highest quality. Whether it's barcode printers, scanners, labels, or ribbons, each component undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure optimal performance.

>> Customer-Centric Approach

The company's customer-centric approach is evident in its dedication to providing expert guidance, personalized solutions, and exceptional customer service throughout the purchasing and implementation processes.


In conclusion, Retail Technologies Limited stands as a leading manufacturer and supplier of total barcode solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products backed by authorized partnerships and a commitment to quality. Choosing Retail Technologies Limited ensures that your business benefits from cutting-edge technology and reliable solutions for all your barcode needs.

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