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SATO CL6NX Industrial Printer

SATO CL6NX Industrial Printer

The new CL6NX offers an immense range of standard highlights that are unequaled by its opposition of 6″ wide label printers. Printer setups, activity and upkeep are remarkably simple and instinctive. It’s Sato’s first genuinely all inclusive Industrial Label Printer designed for the most requesting printing applications. At Retail Technologies, we give the highest priority in product quality.

Commonly used for:

  • GHS Label
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Asset Management
  • Retailing Labeling and Tagging
  • Logistic Tracking
  • WIP Tracking
  • WMS


  1. *New* SATO Online Services – A cloud-based IoT solution that keeps constant watch on printer status, SOS notifies operator when an expendable part needs replacement, and offers prompt and effective resolution to problems, reducing downtime significantly. 2. Application-Enabled Printing (AEP) – *New* Application-Enabled Printing (AEP) now available! Reduce cost, save space, improve productivity -Learn more>>Up to 6.5″ Wide Printing with CL6NX Wide Web Thermal Printers

      2. Solid Construction – The CL6NX Series is built tough using a full cast aluminum frame providing better                   durability vs. bent frame and spot welded construction as seen on other leading competitive models.
Universal Connectivity – More standard connectivity options create easier integration into existing and                            expanding application environments

     3. Easy Media Access – Wide accessibility (60°) to media path allows for quick, effortless loading of media,                    print head and platen roller maintenance.

     4. Label Dampener – LTDS controls the back-feed; wound in/wound out features, making most media CL6NX             adaptable.

5. On-board Help Videos – The CL6NX Series help videos are conveniently resident on the printer for viewing             vs. scannable QR codes as seen on other leading competitive models.

6. Advanced Ribbon Control – Additional ribbon guide roller and oversized ribbon wind spindle is synchronized        with platen roller to help reduce ribbon wrinkle.


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