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Welcome to Retail Technologies Limited

Retail Technologies Limited provides superior quality of garments accessories & Industrial Packaging in the readymade garments (RMG) industry & Other Industry since very onset of the company in 2001, serving both the domestic and international markets. Our steady growth and enormous goodwill is a direct tribute to our unflinching commitment to Quality & Service.

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Our Services

Label / Tag Printing Solutions

Retail technologies Limited always ready to hear your requirements for Label / Tag Printing technology. Our expert sales & technical team has multi-industry experience who will make sure you get the right products for optimal efficiency.

Technical Support

Retail Technologies Limited has certified and experienced technicians, provides a suite of professional services that includes: Installation & Training; Integration services to enable seamless integration of solutions to existing information systems platforms; and software applications development that spans the supply chain from manufacturing to distribution to retail. Our services group offers you full-services solution that brings you a faster return on investment.

After-Sales Support

The company values, and provides on-going after-sales support that is cost-effective, and responsive. Right from honoring product warranties, the services group provides Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) to help you provide optimum use of systems and a trouble-free operation. you can be sure that we are just a phone call away.

Our Focus

That's What We provide It

Barcode Printer

Barcode Scanner

All types Labels

Packaging Solutions

Technocal & After Sales Support

About US

Our objective is to understand client’s business model before recommending any solution. We believe in counseling and transferring technology, which helps both learning and bonding at both ends. In the process we create a unique partnership with the client where they can rely in our solution. Thus we constantly try to add value to our clients’ business through increased productivity, enhanced supply chain and better inventory & cost control.

RETAIL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED believes in providing total solution. Hence, we constantly look at new and latest technology available globally. Our solution partners around the world help us identify and share success stories of other international agents that can be applied locally, which save us immense time & effort in identifying market need. The in house software development team and the technical engineering staff are integral part of providing solutions that are feasible and add value to our clients’ business. We take great measures to motivate and train our qualified support staff to provide the best service available to our extensive clientele. We conduct regular visits to our client sites to service and verify operational effectiveness of our equipment to minimize breakdowns & malfunctions. Furthermore all our service calls are monitored to ensure our clients are serviced on time and to their satisfaction. We constantly provide equipment training to our staff to ensure our customers are offered the best possible solutions and services.

Our Market Focus

Healthcare & Hospitals

Barcode labels can be used in Patient Admission (wrist band), Medication, Bedside labeling, Specimen labeling & tracking and Blood products management. Our advanced medical software can monitor entire process from admission through to medication, transfer and/or discharge of patients.


Barcode labels (on products and shelf edge labels) along with our smart retail solution can deal with All products (such as food, apparel, Hardware, home furnishing, electronics etc.). Our smart POS (point of sale) and Queue management system prevents ‘out of stock’ scenario, helps better in-store merchandising, improve stocktaking and customer satisfaction through better queue management in checkouts. Our various types of labels assist in auto pricing, promotional labeling, now/before price promotions and tamper proof labels for special/final reduction items.


Barcode labeling (standard or RFID tags) helps logistics procedure with warehousing & distribution management, cross docking, container management, pick up & delivery and yard operation management. It can also assist in route accounting, cargo tracking (RFID or barcode scanning), inventory control, pallet, case & tote tracking and passenger transport & baggage tracking.


Barcode labels along with just-in-time manufacturing system provide real time visibility of manufacturing process, improve raw materials identification and tracing (batch labels) at each stage of manufacturing process, and improve product quality through efficient quality control (QC labels) procedure. It helps all the way from receiving raw materials, inventory control, QC management through to product identification for sale and/or return and shipping.


Barcode labels help in receiving raw materials at receiving dock. The process can start with preprinted labels on goods or mobile printer on forklift or portable (manual or Wi-Fi) printers worn on waist or shoulder strap. It also helps operators/pickers t scan location label to ensure right product from right location and also print labels on demand. The procedure helps better inventory control, eliminate paperwork through data entry with barcode scanner or RFID tags. Operators can transfer, issue, count and adjust inventories based on real time information.

Government & Security

Our smart and easy to carry on demand printers can print electronic tickets for traffic violation, which may promote better law enforcement and traffic management system. Bar-coding or RFID tags can also enable law enforcement agencies to identify/track recovered stolen properties, document chain of custody of evidence throughout case life cycle, track documents and manage assts.



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