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Know Barcode Printer – Difference between Direct thermal and Thermal transfer printers

Know Barcode Printer – Difference between Direct thermal and Thermal transfer printers

Barcode Printer – Difference between Direct thermal and Thermal transfer printers:

When you want a Barcode Printer for a business, first question comes to mind, what should I buy! Direct thermal and thermal transfer printers are basically based on thermal printing technology. There is a thermal print head that applies heat to the marked space. It differs the uses where the requirement is for durability, long-lasting, thickness etc.

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  1. How Direct thermal printers work:

Direct thermal printer  (Barcode Printer) uses the print head to generate an image on the label. It doesn’t use ribbon rather uses chemically treated, heat-sensitive media that turns black when passes under a heated print head.


  1. How Thermal transfer printers work:

Thermal transfer printer uses the print head and a thin ribbon for printing (Barcode Printer). Ribbons on the thermal transfer printers have a wax, resin or wax/resin coating on one side. When the labels pass through the thermal transfer printer, heat from the print head melts the wax or resin.


  1. Production cost estimation:

For cost-minimization, direct thermal printing is way better than thermal transfer printing. It is a great solution for Barcode Printer.


  1. Durability:

For long-lasting labels, the answer is thermal transfer printers. Because direct thermal printing can fade over time and overexposure to heat or light can make the printings unreadable.

To get the maximum readability, excellence edge definition, accuracy for high definition image and barcode thermal transfer printing is the best solution.


  1. Uses:

Direct thermal printings are mainly used for patient wristbands, event tickets, coupons, shipping labels, compliance, parking tickets etc. When the labels are for short time use and mostly destroyed over short time, direct thermal printings are good to use.


Asset tagging, product identification, inventory identification, outdoor applications, circuit board tracking and most of the heavy duty cases thermal transfer printings are the ultimate solution.

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