Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharmaceutical Labels

We’ve become an industry leader in pharmaceutical labels because of our strict quality checks throughout the entire ordering and label printing With our large inventory of high quality materials, we’ll make sure your custom labels are legible and last through the product’s lifespan.


Popular Label Types for Pharmaceuticals


Multi-layer labels are a popular choice for pharmaceutical labels because it caninclude multiple languages, dosage, instructions, warnings and more without adding much bulk to the product’s packaging. To help ensure that your labels last through the product’s lifespan, we also offer various types of finishes, as well as FDA approved adhesives.


Labeling Responsibilities to Know

Custom labels printed for the pharmaceutical industry can range from over-the-counter medicine labels to prescription medicine labels. It’s our responsibility to make sure the print on your label is legible, and will remain that way throughout your product’s lifespan. As the manufacturer, you must thoroughly inspect your label samples before the labels are run. We keep documentation of proofreading and acceptance on record. After your labels have been run, they must be examined to ensure the labels comply with your original specifications. This examination must include any control numbers and expiration dates used on the labels. Again, we’ll keep documentation of the issuance check.