Consumer Labels

Consumer & Personal Care label:

Consumer Reports’ food-safety experts agree; in fact, we have long argued that consumers should not be duped by “natural” labels that currently aren’t backed by meaningful standards. “Ideally, we’d like to see federal regulators ban the natural label, but if they don’t get rid of it, then they must give it real meaning,”


When it comes to custom cosmetic labels and personal care labels, we’ve got you covered. Labels West prints a broad spectrum of health and beauty labels, including:

• Chemical resistant soap & skin care labels
• Water resistant labels for hair styling products: mousse, gel, pomade & more
• Gloss & matte laminated labels for products with essential oils
• Custom die cut labels for unique bottles & containers
• Hinge/extended content labels for mascara, eye liners & beauty supplements
• Tight radius labels for lip balm, lip gloss & lipsticks
• Soft touch to give your labels an enhanced tactile feel

Each type of product presents its own set of labeling challenges, and Labels West has the experience and expertise to meet or exceed the expectations of even the most demanding beauty label projects.